For nearly 50 years, hundreds of children, and even their children, were captivated by an extraordinary nursery school teacher. Harriet Waldman was a Louisville legacy who left behind wonderful memories. The red rose that she wore on her lapel matched the way she lived each day…rosy!

Now her daughter, Sheryl Rosenberg of Chicago, has vowed to keep her mom’s abundant creativity and name alive with Harriet’s Hides, a seriously hip line of purses made from natural hair-on cowhide.

Harriet’s Hides is a labor of love that brings together all sides of Sheryl’s family tree. “My father, Irvin, was a gifted engineer who made everything by hand. From custom furniture to precise machine blueprints, he did it all perfectly.

My Uncle Goodie, back in 1947, started a tiny family business processing hides. Now, that company has grown into a world leader in the leather industry. And of course, everybody loved my mother, Harriet. She had a beautiful flair for adding creative touches to every project that she took on, which is a special trait that was passed on to me. It was written in the stars for me to design and make purses using beautiful cowhide. And, when I stamp that red rose on each bag, it feels like my mom’s giving me a proud, twinkling wink! It’s that rose that inspires me most.”

Harriet’s Hides purses are available in a variety of styles and colors. Each purse is one of a kind…just like Harriet!